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Triton COVID-19 Action Plan

Triton COVID-19 Action Plan

| March 16, 2020

On Sunday, March 15th, Gov. Stitt of Oklahoma announced a state of emergency for all 77 counties. Additionally, Mayor Holt of Oklahoma City has declared an emergency within Oklahoma City due to several confirmed cases of the Coronavirus within the city. Authorities are strongly recommending that people self-isolate, especially if there are ANY signs of illness. If coming into contact with others, authorities stress limiting groups to no more than 50 people to reduce the likelihood of spreading the virus. Several other cities throughout Oklahoma and other states are adopting similar measures. 

Triton has a very diverse client base ranging from 30-something young professionals to our oldest client who is 101. The virus is particularly dangerous for those over age 60 and anyone with underlying health conditions. Specifically, those with respiratory and heart disease, diabetes and other health conditions are at heightened risk for severe complications. Therefore, out of an abundance of caution, we will be limiting in person contact with clients to only those situations which are necessary to conduct our client's business and cannot be accomplished electronically or by telephone. This policy will be in effect for the week of March 16th. We will review this policy on a weekly basis and communicate any changes as they may be warranted.

Additionally, it is incredibly important that you remain vigilant regarding unsolicited communications regarding COVID-19 or the Coronavirus. Many of these emails and text messages are malicious attempts to infect your devices and/or compromise your commonly used usernames and passwords. We strongly encourage that you only interact with genuine, verified communications from known sources, When in doubt about the authenticity of a text or email, the best practice is not to click on any links but instead to open a new browser window and go directly to the public site for the organization being represented in the communication.

Please be assured that our offices are open and we are actively monitoring the markets and your accounts. We have a robust business continuity plan in place in the event that it becomes necessary to close our office. While we don't currently plan to activate our business continuity plan and close our office, the continuity plan will be tested this week in the event we need to activate it. If we do activate our business continuity plan, we will continue to have access to our phone system, the markets, and all the capabilities to continue managing your financial accounts.  

As always, please don't hesitate to call us if you have questions about our policies. Our main office number is 405-696-7140. We are here to meet yours and your family's financial needs, especially in times like these when you need to know your trusted professionals have the capabilities and infrastructure to continue to deliver the advice you rely on.

Its an honor and a pleasure to serve as your trusted advisor.

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