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Water4 and Triton

Water4 and Triton

| January 14, 2019

In today's modern age it’s so easy for us to get caught up in the frivolous things in life. Trying the new hot restaurant in town, new concert tickets, getting our hands on the new tech item that everyone is buzzing about, buying a new car etc. With technology at our fingertips we can customize and order from wherever we want, send a honey-do list, get on social media and so much more, all from the comfort of our nice warm homes. But with all the technology and modern conveniences we have, we take so much for granted. Every day things that we do automatically without hardly thinking about the world around us. Like for instance, clean water.

Just think about your morning routine. Most of us wake up, turn on the shower, then brush teeth and maybe start a pot of coffee. How many times do we leave the faucet running even though we don’t need it right that minute? I bet most of us would be guilty of leaving the water running a little longer than needed on occasion, who wants to get into a cold shower?! Am I right?! And all of that is just so that we can start our day. How about when washing produce? Washing clothes, drinking water, cooking and so much more.

How easy is it just to mindlessly turn it on and not even think twice about it? For most of us this is a basic human right. Something we have had since infancy and never really put much thought into. But what if I told that that was not the case for everyone? Sure, it probably wouldn’t be a huge surprise. We all know about the droughts in the US and around the world, or the contaminated water supply in Flint, Michigan. Natural disasters that not only take out water but electricity and so much more. But do we really know how many people this affects worldwide?

What if I told you that the number of people without access to clean water at home was 2.1 billion people worldwide? Yes 2.1 BILLION. Out of the 7.6 billion people in the world 2.1 billion have no access to clean water at home. Would that number surprise you? Well if you are like us then it absolutely did. And if you are wondering if anyone is really doing anything to change that number then let us tell you that the answer to that question is YES! And part of that answer is right here in our backyard.

Yes, right here in landlocked Oklahoma City there is an organization working on changing the lives of so many people by helping them gain access to clean water. Not just for a short period of time but for life. It certainly takes the Oklahoma Standard to a whole new level doesn’t it?

That organization is Water4.

Water4 was founded out of a deep desire to change people's lives and help eradicate the water crisis. Not just through physical water but with the Holy Spirit and Living Water as well. Water4 has focused their efforts in Sub-Saharan Africa and Peru. Through the drilling of wells. But Water4 doesn’t just go in and drill wells. They teach the local people how to build and drill wells, thus creating a lifestyle of change for their village and creating meaningful and lasting jobs.

You may be asking how many people can benefit from a single well? With a typical hand pump well, anywhere from 250-300 people. However, Water4 also has a more advanced well system that can pump water for as many as 5,000 people! Can you imagine the difference that makes for a village? Or a couple of villages? Farmers now have enough clean water to grow luscious crops. Families have access to clean water for drinking, cooking and bathing, which cuts back on disease and sickness and promotes overall well-being. All of that just from having access to clean water.

Not only does Water4 help access clean water for those in need but they also have an opportunity to share their faith in Jesus with those they help as well. It is the mission of Water4 to establish and sustain gospel centered faith in every community that they reach.


So how does this all fit with Triton?

One of Triton’s core beliefs is giving back our community in ways that are sustainable – ways that help people help themselves. Through Water4, teams of local Africans are starting their own businesses providing access to clean water for villages. The villages are invested in the wells because they pay small amounts of money to install the wells and service them while receiving sanitation and hygiene training to extend the benefits of clean water into their homes. Our founder and president has made multiple trips to Africa in support of the Water4 mission both training drilling teams and teaching basic sanitation and hygiene programs to local trainers.

As a firm, we have been honored to partner with Water4 for the second year in a row to sponsor their Fall Open House. As water4 continues to provide access to clean water and basic hygiene training across Africa, we will continue our partnership. The water crisis in Africa is solvable. Water4 is part of the solution. With our partnership and many others like ours, Water4 will help make the water crisis in Africa something for the history books rather than the newspapers.